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Article in Wide Walls:


Review of Art15 on After NYNE


Interview with Hanaa Malallah, Iraq's Pioneering Female Artist


10 Contemporary Artists fromIraq


Longing for Eternity: One Century of Modern and Contemporary Iraqi Art, From the Hussain Ali Harba Family Collection, Book published by Skira, 2014

10 Contemporary Artists from Iraq You Should Know:


Interview with Hanaa Malallah – Iraqi's Pioneering Female Artist:


Art in Iraq Today, Book published by Skira and Meem Gallery, 2011

Iraqi contemporary art influenced by experiences of war and exile/written by, 2011

Art and Politics Now / Susan Noyes Platt/ book, 2011

The magazine for professional migrant artist/ interview by Christa Paula, 2011


Royal Mirage Dubai. Sale 17716


Bonhams, Modern & Contemporary Middle Eastern & South Asian Art, 12 Oct 2009 


Sophisticated Ways in the Destruction of an Ancient City, qui parle Volume 17, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2009

Mansfield, Susan, ‘Visual Arts Review: Creativity vs. Destruction: Stories of Iraqi Art’, The Scotsman, 7 July 2009

Modernism and Iraq, exhibition catalogue, 28 January -28 March 2009


Hanaa’ Mal-Allah: Vivid Ruins, exhibition brochure, The Mosaic Rooms, A.M. Qattan Foundation 19 March-2 April 2009

Secor, Beth ‘Iraqi ‘Artists in Exile’ Showcase Their Haunting Works’, Houston Press, 15 January 2009

Kluijver, Robert Borders: Contemporary Middle Eastern Art and Discourse, exhibition catalogue, Gemak Museum 

Iraq’s Past Speaks to the Present, exhibition catalogue, 10 Nov 2008-15 March 2009

Britt, Douglas, ‘Iraqi Artists Explore the tragedy of War’, Houston Chronicle, 18 November 2008

Durrani, Anayat, Introducing Iraq’s Contemporary Artists, Fine Art Registry, 31 January 2007

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